I’ve worked with a lot of clients who have never really had their photos professionally taken before.  One thing I hear a lot from them after the fact is how grateful they are for the laid back and fun experience.  Maybe you’ve never had your photos done, or maybe you’re one of those people who absolutely loves having their milestones artfully documented.  This post is to help you get a feel for what it is like to book and go through a session with me as your photographer

      1.The Inquiry

This is the stage where you let me know your interested in getting your pictures taken (and when I do my happy dance that I have a new client email in my inbox).  You may or may not have an idea of what you want the shoot to look like, or what time of day, but that is totally fine! I am actually slightly obsessed with picking out the perfect location and time of day that seems to fit the best.  I just want you to be happy, and to get the beautiful photos you deserve.

Once we get a date, time, and location hashed out.  I send you a contract and collect half the session fee upfront to hold your date.  You’re also free to reschedule if something comes up, but if you need to cancel I do keep the money as a retainer. But you could always use it towards a future shoot later down the road!

      2. Before the Shoot

I love Pinterest, and I love clients that love Pinterest too.  I make a Pinterest board for all my shoots before hand to visualize the kinds of shots I want.  You are also more than welcome to make one for me, this way I can see what your envisioning and make sure you get what you want while putting my own personal spin on it.

I’m more than happy to offer some suggestions if your really at a loss as far as wardrobe goes. But feel free to wear whatever your comfortable in and feel is “you”.  However, if you do want to get all dressed up and fancy maybe bring an extra pair of shoes, something warm to throw on between pictures, and maybe even some pants on under the dress if it’s long enough.  I just want you to feel comfortable, if your not, it will probably show in your pictures. You can coordinate outfits or be as different as you want, as long as your happy and comfortable, I’m happy and comfortable. Capisce?

       3. On-site, During the Shoot

Before we get started, I like to ask some ice breaker questions to get a feel for you and the dynamic between the others with you.  This way I can get a good feel for how to best portray your relationship.  I get pretty “in the zone” once I start shooting, so I will try and get a feel for how comfortable you are in front of the camera before hand, and gauge how much “coaching” I’ll need to do to get you into poses.

Once we get going it won’t take me long at all to get what I’m looking for.  Moving around the location is probably what will take up the majority of our time together, and before wrapping up I’ll ask to make sure that we get any specific poses or shots that you were hoping to get that we haven’t already done.  Music is also welcome at any of my sessions, or for the adults I’m perfectly fine if you want to bring a beverage to help loosen up and relax.  It’s all about having fun and getting awesome pictures and not at all about being stiff and stressed out.

       4. Afterwards

I try to keep my turn around time low.  I have a background in graphic design and edit solely in Photoshop, I’m very comfortable with it and think that this is why I am able to edit so efficiently.  Although, it ultimately depends on how busy my week has been, but I try to get session pictures to you in an online gallery for viewing in a week, and provide a sneak peek image for you within 24 hours on my social media pages.

I would also love to get feedback from you! I have a spot for testimonials on my website and I’d love to add something from you too. Once you get the gallery, you can select the images included in your package (most of them include all images), and your free to share these wherever or however you’d like. It would make my day if you could tag me in these images, but you don’t have to. Word of mouth works just as well, but it makes me so happy to see your posts and the comments of your friends and family to my hard work.

That’s all for now